Suggestion - Bedrock Walls in VIP Mine

The walls in the VIP mine are currently made of diorite, and it's easy to break them whilst mining which results in your chat being spammed with this:


This can often be quite annoying, so my suggestion is to replace the diorite with bedrock to prevent this from happening since bedrock can't be broken.
boi just turn your chat off jesus
Disabling chat just takes it from one extreme to another; I'd rather put up with the spam than be unable to have conversations with other people. It's a mild inconvenience and I'm sure it's not a priority, but it can likely be changed quickly with a few worldedit commands.
I have to agree with this. Especially if you have a high powered pick and have speed and haste. It would make things alot easier, as I always have to be careful around the wall at the moment as for some reason when something like that pops up it causes a bit of lag issues.