Survival Base Build Contest! |10 Million Dollar Prize!|


Jun 14, 2018
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I'm hosting a build comp for a new base on survival. Honestly, I'm out of ideas. If you'd like to join in, add me on Discord @Prophecy#2706. Criteria to be met as follows, below.

-Chest room to fit 100 or so double chests (I can place the chests myself as long as there is the room for it).
-I dont want a basic house, something more like a vault. Make it outstanding.
-Furnace room (I can build the auto-smelter myself, so don't worry about that).
-Chest room, and all rooms must look good.
-I want something like a faction base, where its somewhat fancy, but without the defense because there is no need for defenses on survival.
-Here are some examples of what im looking for:
-It should all in all cost 1mil to 3mil to make id assume, so there's tons of profit to be made. (I can pay for materials as well).
-I don't care the color palette too much. Just make it look good. Quartz, Chiseled Stone Brick, Spruce, anything that works well together. If you go to /warp pepe2 and look at the build there, its outstanding. That's what I'm looking for. Just not as expensive though.
-Feel free to build it anywhere you think looks best.

I'd recommend building a prototype on singleplayer, sending me pictures of the small prototype version. Therefore you're not wasting money building it on the server if yours is not chosen. And if yours is chosen, then build the full version on the server.

When majority of the people are done building, and I've seen pictures. I will message the top three winners on their place, and let the first place person know to go ahead and make the full version on the server.

First Place Winner: 10 mil and I use the base. Second Place Winner: 3 mil. Third Place Winner: 1 mil.
First Place: Dangal12 Second Place: blackstar1330 Third Place: Spyash2000

Thank you all for your time and dedication! Look out for more build competitions hosted!
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Jul 16, 2018
Not interested in joining the contest, but just wanted to share that for a second, only a second, I thought it was irl money.