Rejected Time // Medium

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I didn't really like the jumps. they weren't varied and had the same head jumps everywhere. maybe you could change some jumps and make it varied.

the heads were cute with the clocks and all, but I think you could make the clock better. plus, there were holes in the clock everywhere, and I think you should change that.

I give this a -.5 I didn't like the build and the jumps. good luck!


Map Judge
Hey, I am sorry but I will be rejecting this map submission.
The map is kind of basic and to be reminds me of 3D Pixel Art. As for the jumps I feel like they were just the same one over and over for the most part, and it also felt quite long. If you really expanded upon this idea I feel like it would be really good.

Thanks for this submission, hope to see more in the future!
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