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    Your Minecraft username

    What server are you applying for


    First Name

    Country or Timezone
    United States, Maine. EDT/EST


    Discord username Trickster1399#3412


    Why do you want to become staff?
    There's a few reasons why I would love to become staff. I feel like I've really become a part of the Survival community during the time that I've played. I've met so many nice people who just really make me feel welcomed myself. One of my favorite things to do is helping people with small things, whether it be giving them supplies they need or explaining something they don't understand. I love that I can do those things, without expecting anything in return. I feel like the most important part about growing a community and keeping that community strong is definitely to make newer players feel welcomed. I do all that I can to be there for everyone, especially newer players, because them feeling comfortable is just so important. As an introvert, it can be hard to talk to people, but in an environment like such, online and not feeling judged by others, it's just so easy and it really does have an amazing feeling attached to it. My care and kindness that I give off makes me someone that people really look up to often times, and that makes me feel as if I'm able to inspire others to be the same way. I really wish that problems such as grief, hacking, inappropriate behavior, etc.. Didn't exist, so I can't say that I enjoy dealing with them, but I certainly am willing to and can always put in my best effort when doing so. I'd be much more than happy to be working with a team as well, even as an introvert, like I stated above, having people around feels really nice. Having people to guide feels just as nice. Being a moderator is one of those things that I know I'm very good at, and just has a spot in my heart, and I'll explain why in later questions. It would mean absolutely everything to have this opportunity of working with the staff here on ManaCube.

    How long have you played on ManaCube?
    I have no idea even roughly how long. Years ago, a few friends and I started playing MineVast for the Parkour server. A few months ago I started playing again. When Prison reset, I became more active

    How many hours can you dedicate to ManaCube?
    Currently, about 10 hours a day. Job hunting at the moment, so once I find work, probably around 4-6 a day

    What skills do you feel you have that will help the server?
    I definitely feel like leadership is the most important skill I have to offer, but that leadership is due to a large amount of other traits and skills I have that allow me to be that person who people look up to. People often get upset at me for this one because it's the cause of all my page long text messages, haha, but I think it's very helpful when people are stuck and confused, which is the amount of detail I put into my writing. Being the creative person I am, writing is something I love, and explaining details is just so important when trying to convey something. Explaining in detail from the start can help prevent a lot of confusion, and that's really helpful when trying to explain to a player how something works or why something is the way it is. I want people to feel like they understand, rather than give up saying that they understand, when they really don't fully. Another great skill is how emotionally stable I am. I basically never get mad, which has changed so much over the years. I don't get upset easily at all, and I'm very patient. All of these are separate skills that really combine into one. I can deal with people who are so lost and I'll gladly repeat something as many times as needed and in as many different ways, to make sure they understand. Frustration just leads to stress, which leads to unhappiness. I try my best to eliminate all of that before if even really occurs. I always put others before me, so helping the community will always be my number one priority, and I'll happily go out of my way to help anyone in any way they need. Another skill is just how kind and caring I am about the way others feel. Of course, I care about how I feel too, but I always make sure that the people I'm around are treated the best way possible. My goal is to make people feel as comfortable with what they're doing and themselves as possible. If someone has something they're trying to show off or if someone just wants to feel involved, I'll do all that I can to make sure they don't feel left out, and that their work influenced at least someone. A good thing to understand is that sometimes honest mistakes happen, and it's important to handle those without making the person feel very bad. The person who makes the mistake should feel worse knowing what they did before being talked to. I feel like reassuring people that things like such happen is important, as mistakes have been the one thing that have guided me to be who I am today, and I'm very proud of the person I am. However, there is a clear difference between honest and intentional actions. There's no way that someone could come onto a server and advertise, be extremely offensive, or destroy someone else's hard work, without knowing that it wasn't okay. As before it's important still not to get very upset with these people, because it's impossible to know what their personal life is like, but a rule is a rule, and some behavior isn't tolerated.

    What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?
    There's not actually too many experiences with leadership in person, due to how introverted I am, but I can work very well with people when it's required. However, being staff on large servers is something I'm very familiar with. In 2013, I joined a server called Emenbee Realms, and little did I know that it would completely change my life. I joined in July and spent my summer getting to know people. The closest friends I've ever had came from that server, and I still actively talk to them today, as well as have met some in person. I was much less mature back then than I am now, and that's why I'd love to have this chance with ManaCube, being entirely who I am. I was still learning, as I was only 14 back then, but I have learned from all of the mistakes I did make. In December 2013, I was given the role of JrMod on the Skyblock server. About a month later, all of the separate servers came together as one and became known as Realms, however Creative was different. Being now able to moderate on not just Skyblock, but the other servers, allowed me to really get to know the community well. I stuck to Skyblock and Survival, because those are the game modes I enjoyed the most. A couple months after I got staff, so early 2014, the server hit it's maximum of 1500 players on at a single time. Now it's been anywhere from 0-10 actively, which makes me feel sad, but I'll always keep the memories with me. It was a fairly large server back then though. The experience that I had back then and for the years following was amazing, as I was staff up until 2017, with a couple breaks in between due to personal issues. I completely changed who I was because I was spending all of my time with not just different people than I'd been forced to in the past, but the right people. I used to suffer from personal issues that no longer come up at all, and it's felt absolutely amazing. When I found out what the Survival community was like here on ManaCube, it really touched my heart. It reminded me of Emenbee Realms before the community became full of rude behavior and not much care from a lot of the players and the staff. I feel like something that really helps ManaCube is how active Dacon is and how involved he is with the players. Due to personal issues, the owner of Emenbee wasn't able to be around a lot, and that connection between the owner and the players was just never made. I feel like one of the largest problems on our staff team was staff being bias towards players. One of the reasons I feel I'd love to be with ManaCube is although I know the community, I haven't been playing survival long enough to have very close friends. There's lots of good people who I enjoy talking to, but not having those close connections allows me to worry much less about being bias when dealing with punishments. I know commands really well and can learn new ones very easily. I'm sure plugins will vary, and there's different commands on ManaCube, but I'm sure I'd understand the differences in no time. The biggest thing that Emenbee has given me besides who I am today, is the experience of all the past mistakes I made as staff growing up. Nothing hurtful or big, but small things that I've learned from which drove me into the right direction after enough of them. I'm much more confident in my ability to be an excellent leader after the years I've spent with the staff team on Emenbee Realms.

    What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?
    I'm very attentive. I always listen to people and pay attention to the details they're giving. I know it can feel really bad sometimes when you don't think anyone is paying attention to what you would like to say or any input you want to give. It's so important for me to make sure people don't feel this way around me, because like I've said, I want people to feel comfortable and feel like they're important too. I'm very altruistic, and will always put others before me. This involves taking as much time as needed to help someone sort something out, or just help someone with something in general, even if it's not my job to do so. I'll always make sure people are feeling safe and comfortable before myself, while I do care about my own feelings, I can tolerate a large amount of discomfort, and if dealing with that means that someone else is happier in return, that means absolutely everything to me. A third attribute that may help is my creativity. Creativity may not seem like it's important at all, but it definitely can be. While it doesn't really relate to punishments, it allows me to come up with ideas and different ways to help other people and just make people happy. Whether I could come up with fun game ideas or packages of items to give out to players. The possibilities are endless. It's so important to be involved with the community, and creativity definitely helps anyone do that tremendously.

    Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is.
    There's really no right or wrong answer to this question, as it's based on belief, however I really think that the main role of a staff member is to be helpful. Be there for people who need you. Be there for people who want you. When you take your time to give to others, the end product of either success, memories, happiness, and anything else, is just too great to compare with any other thing. When someone is struggling and wanting to give up, that push they can receive from you may allow them to reach their end goal. That feeling of "oh my gosh, I did it." after so much effort is just really great for the player, and like I said above, it really makes you happy knowing that you were able to influence one. Being helpful is very broad, which is good when it comes to explaining a role such as this. Dealing with problems as they come up and making sure people feel comfortable and safe is very important, so handling those who spam hateful comments in chat, or whatever it may be, can make people feel that that safety and comfort. Being someone who people can just overall look up to and follow allows them to worry about one less thing. You can't live a life by yourself, or at least you shouldn't have to. Having someone with you to either look after you or be by your side is so important, and that's honestly what a staff member's relationship is to the players in the community. Being that person for the players while they're on the server is a very special role, as well as a very important one.

    Are you able to use recording software?
    Yes, I have access to OBS for recording.

    Anything else we should know?
    I have just recently become as active as I am, so I can completely understand for this reason, and really any reason as to why I don't get this role if that happens. A few months ago, I came back to ManaCube, playing on Creative playing with a couple friends who I've known for years from Emenbee, including Gg(Chloe) who was staff at the time. I honestly loved it and the community on creative. There was very serious situation that came up in my immediate family which caused me to drop creative as well as everything else. For a couple months I didn't do much here, but when Olympus came out, a couple friends and I started playing it, and I was fairly active there until I found out about survival, about a week ago or so. I plan to stay as active as I am though, and I plan to continue being involved with the community here on ManaCube as much as possible, as you all are absolutely amazing. I want to give a special thank you for all of those who read the entirety of this application, as it's very lengthy (sorry about that.) It feels very good to be typing this application though, and it's been really nice to think about these questions, as I haven't really at all lately. I love you all <3 -Noah

    You are aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application
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    thats really long and i didnt read it but +1 because hey at least you put effort into it. i barely play survival but whenever i do, youre on. plus maine is the best state yay moose and forests
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    Wow. This must've taken a long time. Well done as this is the most detailed app I have ever seen.
    It is a +1 from me.
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    this is an amazing application, +1

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