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    Your Minecraft username

    What server are you applying for



    First Name

    Location (or timezone)



    Why do you aspire to become staff?
    I think I want to become staff on ManaCube because I love to help the server in many ways and I think I can help. I have played on Manacube for about 1 week now and I am starting to enjoy it a lot so I want to apply for staff on here. Also being staff is a big commitment to do and I think i am ready for it so that is why I am putting in this application because I am ready to help out and use my strengths to help others around me. To help make the server a better community for newer players,
    while Controlling large crowds, Handling impatient players, and being active everyday possible.I can easily handle large groups of people as I have had experience as a staff member on a couple of servers.
    I am very patient when it comes to pesky players that like to disobey or not come to an agreement with another player.
    I want to help out on the server. I've seen hundreds of rule-breakers on your server and I want to stop those spammers, hackers, cheaters, griefers, and forum-flamers. The only thing that those rule-breakers are doing are ruining our everyday lives on your server and your forums. We all know that no body likes a rule-breaker. I want to be staff for these reasons.
    The main reason why I want to be a staff member is to make sure everyone is having a fun time on this fantastic server. Another reason why I want staff is to stop hackers. I hate hackers. They ruin the fun for everyone else by having lots of unfair advantages such as reach and forcefield.

    How long have you played on ManaCube?
    About 1 week

    How many hours can you dedicate to ManaCube?
    Monday - 3-9hrs Tuesday - 4-9hrs Wednesday - 3-9hrs Thursday - 3-9hrs Friday - 4-9hrs Saturday - 5-11hrs Sunday - 6-11hrs

    What skills do you feel you have that will help the server?
    Staff Commands:
    I know all the staff commands and I know what the all do and mean as well. As some people don't

    Staff Meetings:
    Staff meetings are very important if you are staff and I think if you can't make staff meetings you have just missed a promotion or a demotion or some really important news that you have missed out on.

    I am very mature for my age. but I think I have the Maturity of a twenty two year old I do not laugh at stupid immature jokes but sometimes jokes like that will get me and I know they will probably get you too it is good to laugh at jokes and not be Stuck up but laughing at stupid inappropriate jokes is just immature and not funny. I am in eight grade and kids in my school still make the Mom jokes and "die" of laughter because of them I honestly don't get what is so funny about those kind of jokes. I will admit there are some clever ones out there though.

    I will be on everyday as much as I can to help the server.

    What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?
    Player count: 100-300

    I was helper on GGPvP. GGPvp was a great server for me to get a lot more experience and i did. I had a lot of fun being staff on this server.

    Player count: 20-60
    I was Mod+ on Hcrush. Hcrush was an HCF server that was a chill server. Not many people played on it but i still gained experience from it.

    xSkyblock: [Resigned]
    Player count: 10-40
    I was Helper on xSkyblock. xSkyblock was a great server to help people it had a small population of people but i still gained experience.

    What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?

    Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is.
    A staff member is someone that comes on everyday or as much as they can to do what there supposed to do and not mess around.

    Are you able to use recording software?

    Anything else we should know?

    You are aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application
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    Great Application, though I feel like you can work on your activity in game. Good luck! +0 for now!;
  3. Nightshadow07

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    Jan 28, 2018
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    Hi Harri!! I liked your application. It looks like you put some nice thought into it. While reading your application I could not help but notice how you say you have only been on for a week yet you have "seen hundreds of rule-breakers on your server and I want to stop those spammers, hackers, cheaters, griefers, and forum-flamers". As possible as this may be, I find it hard to believe (that being said, I could be looking in the wrong places). Another thing I would like to point out like JiggleJigglePop did, is how active you are. I know from personal experience that forum activity is very important as well as in-game activity. I wish you good luck in your endeavors!!


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