Updates & Improvements


QA Team

Parkour QOL Updates

Parkour Log Update

Maps you have completed in challenge mode will now glow in your parkour log

ManaHide Plugin

You can now properly hide all players on the server, but you can also do a lot more!

You can have specific players shown, while everyone else is hidden. Or even have everyone shown and only hide specific players

Aquatic Champion Map

Our newest champion map has been made, and will be releasing soon.
Theme: Aquatic
Name: ???

Survival Lock Changes

We are discontinuing the LWC lock plugin due to it being very poorly optimized for the amount of active tiles Survival has. Removing this plugin will bring the the server back to 19-20 TPS.

We are switching to a sign based lock system. You will be able to protect Chests, Furnaces, Mob Spawners and Doors. If you want another block to be protect-able let me know

Simply right click one of those blocks with a sign to create a protection instantly.
You can add other people to that protection with /lock [line number] [username]

You can add multiple signs to a block to fit multiple usernames.

LWC plugin will be removed, along with all it's protections on Saturday, June 16th

Foolproof Cubits

You can no longer pay cubits to a username that is offline. This is to prevent sending the cubits to an invalid username.

Admins can still send cubits to offline players, so you don't need to be online to receiving giveaway or top voter rewards.

Ever since we started giving cubit rewards from voting, we've had almost 100 cases of people sending cubits to invalid usernames or nicknames. A small, but much needed update

Olympus Free World

Releasing: Saturday, June 16th

The Free World will be available to people who have completed Zeus' rebirth challenge. (The final challenge). There are currently 45 players who will have access to the world.

The world is 15,000 x 15,000 (-7500 to +7500), and portals are disabled. (No nether or end world)

You will be able to claim chunks with a simple system:

Free World Rules:
- No griefing
- No unfair mods or clients
- No laggy redstone contraptions
- No claiming land with alt accounts.

Sneak Peeks

Islands Spawn Sneak peek:

Upcoming Updates in June
- Network-Wide Level
- Network-Wide Guilds
- Skyblock Quests
- Aquatic Parkour Champion Map
- Revamped AFK system (more info soon)
- Islands Season 4 (May be early July depending on how the beta goes)

Upcoming Updates in July

- An entire website redesign, with a stats and leaderboard revamp.

Early sneak peek: (WIP)

- Olympus PvP Mine
- Another parkour champion map (Already built as well)
- New Hub
- Start development on KitPvP 10.0

There's lots more updates planned, but don't want to list them since i can't guarantee them all




QA Team
Finally I don’t have to worry for players to do /cubits pay sinnerstart islands spawn looks nice, hopefully skyblock gets a new spawn in the future since the one in 4.0 was beautiful and ayyy skyblock quests can’t wait for that to come out


Mod | Map Judge
Im curious about the other things coming that can't be mentioned yet due to not being guaranteed. But love the new Parkour updates!
That islands spawn looks hot, can't wait! :mc_e_102:
The website revamp looks cool!
Also the 'Network Guilds' sound cool.. Excited. Im probably going to play more now :)
I’m hyped! Can’t wait for the Olympus and website updates mainly! The others seem fun too! Yeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!