Rejected Washing Up

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hi I'm lexer124
I made an Easy map called "washing up"
try doing /plot visit lexer124
I'm new to the map making stuff so I was a bit confused :/
it has 1 checkpoint NOT including the starting one

thanks! - Lexi (lexer124)


The parkour is great in all but to be frank, it's an eye sore. It is pretty unattractive. I do however like the jumps you implement into the parkour!


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Because I can't acces my computer at the moment I can only judge it from the picture, the parkour seems to like fine but try to make a build not just floating blocks. While good parkour is important having a good original theme executed good is also as important, so from me it's a -1
I'm sure your next map will be better :)


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Hoi lexer124,
Sorry to tell you that your map have been rejected.
The theme is.. interesting I supposed (At least it's original) ? The build is not good, it's pretty unattractive and messy because there is no main build. The parkour is not really good too, it's really repetitive, and really short for an easy. Next time, try to add some ice, ladder, fence, iron bars…

Thanks for submitting your map, would be really good to see more maps from you !
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