What's an achievement you're most proud of?

The rules of the game are simple. One person shall start (Me, duh) and I'll give myself a manacube server and state an achievement I'm most proud of.


Server: Prison

Achievement: Reaching 50k mana,

Rules are as follows:
1.) Do not discourage other's achievements regardless as to how much you believe it's minuscule.
2.) Repeated servers are discouraged but are still allowed.
3.) Everyone is open to playing i.e members, staff, etc.
4.) Make sure to have fun lads
5.) Once you give your own achievement. Make sure to place a new server underneath the post.
6.) Posting back-to-back isn't allowed.
7.) Factions, barebones, and skywars are valid options for servers.

Next Server: Kit-pvp


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Being the 8th person to ever prestige in Parkour Season 2

Next Server: Survival ;)