Why did you do that? game


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Welp, I was bored so I made this (totally not why xd). The way this game works is, so I will start, I will say 'I failed my test because...' and someone will reply, finishing the sentence and starting one of their own. Here's how it works:
Me: I failed my test because..
Person 2: you overslept and forgot about it. I broke my phone because...
Person 3: you had a hole in your pocket and it fell into a puddle. I want a dog because..
So basically that. It can be real or fake, IRL or in-game, just follow the server rules. Hope this doesn't totally suck xd.

I failed my test because..


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Your class used a cheat sheet that was on the floor and your teacher caught you.

(That actually happened in one of my classes...)

I fell down the stairs because...