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    Your Minecraft username

    What server are you applying for


    First Name

    Country or Timezone
    United States, and Central

    14 years old

    Discord username Passwword#2163


    Why do you want to become staff?
    I would like to become a staff on this server because I would find I would be a great help to the server because, i am good at finding hackers also i love to do stuff like that, Also i was a Mod on a old server that was shut down and i was mod for about 2 years.

    How long have you played on ManaCube?
    A couple of days.

    How many hours can you dedicate to ManaCube?
    I can dedicate about 5 hours on weekdays and about 8 on weekends.

    What skills do you feel you have that will help the server?
    I am good at banning hacker and i am a friendly person who can help out players who need help.

    What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?
    I was a Mod on a previous faction sever for about 2 years.

    What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?
    I work well with other staff members
    I am able to help out other players,
    and i was a Mod on a previous server.

    Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is.
    I believe that the role of a staff should be a respectful player that listen to whomever is in charge of that staff member and also has to work well with other players.

    Are you able to use recording software?
    Yes i am.

    Anything else we should know?
    I think i explained everything that there is needed to know.

    You are aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application
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    Ok. You do not meet the word requirement of 500 words. You need to add detail to each paragraph otherwise it will be rejected.
    Just because I give you a negative now doesn't mean I can't wipe this minus off in the future.
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    Your spelling, grammar and overall structure need quite a bit of work, and you don't meet the words requirement. You've not put much effort into this application - your only reason for wanting to become staff is that you'd be helpful because you're able to find hackers. Although finding hackers may be a part of your job as a Helper, there's a whole lot more to it than that. Furthermore, the three attributes that distinguish you from other players are quite generic, and therefore not distinguishing. You're applying for Olympus, but I'm an Olympus player myself and I don't recall seeing you online or helping out in chat. You also don't have a plot, which is quite alarming as you're able to get one after the second rankup.

    I'd suggest going over all of your answers and adding in more detail as you see necessary, however remember to aim for quality over quantity (while still meeting the 500 word minimum requirement). Try and make your application less generic and pertain more to you as an individual in order to further improve your chances. You should also try to fix up your spelling and grammar as there are quite a few errors that make your application seem less professional. In-game, I'd suggest communicating more with players to become more well-known. The fact that you've only been playing for a few days and you don't have a plot makes me sceptical that you have played for 50 hours. I'm going to have to give you a -1, but best of luck nevertheless!
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    Thanks so much for your response now i know what to do on my future application!!
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    Thanks so much for your response now i know what to do on my future applications!!

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