30 Apr
April 2019

[!] The Easter Sale & Treasure Chest will be ending this Sunday:

| TOP VOTERS :mc_264-0:

The vote leaderboard has now reset

  • SinnerStar (200 Votes) - 20 Cubits
  • RozaThePanda (195 Votes) - 20 Cubits
  • Pretzel3567 (194 Votes) - 20 Cubits
  • CupCakeWar (193 Votes) - 20 Cubits
  • legendxx (189 votes) - 20 Cubits
Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving the cubits tonight/tomorrow morning.​
There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS until Saturday! (April 30th - May 4th)


| STAFF OF THE MONTH :mc_399-0:

Congratulations to @Slime_Lord101 on being voted April's...​
18 Apr
New Leaderboards!
The Leaderboard section @ has been released! You can see the top players for all sorts of categories, and soon will be able to see old leaderboards from previous seasons

Check it out here:

You can also see some general network statistics on the stats homepage:

If you have any suggestions for what stats should be shown on these leaderboards, comment them on this thread :)
16 Apr
Survival S5 - More info
If you haven't seen the main announcement thread yet, go to
This thread will just give more info/stuff not mentioned.

| Season 4 - Best Party Competition :mc_38-2:

Submit screenshots & coordinates of your parties territory to be voted as the best/nicest looking party.​
The top 5 submission will be chosen by me, and then we will have a community vote for the top 3​
#1 - Gold Star (To 3 members) + Reset Bundle​
#2 - Silver Star (To 3 members) + Reset Bundle​
#3 - Silver Star (To 3 members)​
Submit screenshots and coordinates of your party here: (Please do not post duplicate submissions.)​
You have until April 20th to submit. The top 5 vote will be announced a couple days after that​

| Reset Vault :mc_130-0:

Here is the final list of allowed items in the reset vault:​

  • Legendary Treasure Keys
  • Perk Treasure Keys
  • Rank Upgrade Papers
  • Any item that says "Reset Vault Access" or "Season Vault Access" in the lore
  • 5 Year Anniversary Clock
  • Elder Sword...
13 Apr
Survival Season 5

This Tuesday it will have been 1 year since season 4 was released, and it's time for a new season - Releasing April 20th @ 1PM EST​
This season brings a lot of new features listed below, and the following things will be reset:​

  • All worlds
  • Balances
  • Stats (Although will still be saved and viewable on an upcoming web leaderboard update)
  • Inventories
  • Quest Rewards
  • Job Rewards
  • Achievements
  • Parties
Things that will not reset:​

  • Ranks
  • Cubits
  • Titles (Except QuestMaster & Slave)
  • Perk Treasure Chest Perks
  • Legendary Treasure Chest Perks
  • Promotional Treasure Chest Perks (LIke exclusive chat colors)

| 1.13 Update

Season 5 has upgraded to 1.13.2. Here's the new notable features in this update:​


  • Dolphins
  • Drowned
  • Fish Mobs (Cod, Salmon, Tropical, Etc.)
  • Phantoms
  • Turtles

  • Blue Ice
  • Bubble Columns
  • Conduit
  • Coral
  • Kelp Blocks
  • Prismarine Stairs/Slabs
  • Seagrass
  • Sea Pickles
  • Stripped Logs/Wood
  • Turtle Eggs

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