It's been a crazy couple weeks, we've basically doubled in size since the start of November due to Skyblock & advertising

With that has come a fair amount of performance issues. We're working hard on bringing all the servers to maintain 20TPS while full, back on 24 hour reboot cycles, and adding a second proxy. This involves a recode of multiple plugins, and changes in how some mechanics work.

| DAILY REWARDS :mc_410-0:

Playing ManaCube has never been more rewarding! Simply be on the network for at least 1 hour each day and you will be able to claim a daily prize. If you claim multiple days in a row without missing, your prizes will increase​
You can access daily rewards through Gary the Golem @ spawn, or by typing /gary or /dailyrewards
You must have your Discord account synced in order to claim.​
You can only claim a days reward on 1 server. Playtime can be contributed on any server except Hubs & Creative.​
(For example, you can play 1 hour on Parkour, and claim the daily reward on Olympus).​
New days are started at 12:00AM EST.​
Day #1-6...​
31 Oct
October 2018
| TOP VOTERS :mc_264-0:

  • Ctr56 (152 Votes) - $20 Giftcard + [TopVoter] Title
  • JWok (149 Votes) - $20 Giftcard
  • Mopup (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard
  • llJJll (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard
  • prettymuxh (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard

Congratulations! There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS from now until November 5th

| STAFF OF THE MONTH :mc_399-0:

Congratulations to @Ohna on being...​
29 Oct
Skyblock Announcement

| DATES :mc_347-0:
Here is a countdown to release:
Staff & QA Beta: October 31st
Donator Beta: November 2nd [Server will reset after beta is over]
Public Release: November 3rd 3PM EST

| OVERVIEW :mc_340-0:
Season 6 Legends
The following players will receive Legend Bundles at the start of season 7, and will be in the Legends Hall of Fame.​
Highest Leveled Island: Niick_
Most Mana: SinnerStar
Most Cash: Crazypeacock
Most Mob Kills: skillable
Highest McMMO Level: SinnerStar
The server will be on 1.12.2, and have 175 player slots.​
Like Islands, you will be able to...​
20 Oct
Updates & Bug Fixes

Direct IP's

You can now directly connect to servers using [server] as the IP. For example, using will directly connect you to Survival.

Forum Account Linking

You are now able to properly link your Minecraft account to the forums. Do this by typing /link on one of the Lobby servers.

This will sync all your donator ranks with forum ranks, and also add your username underneath your name

If you upgrade your rank, you will need to unlink your account in your forum profile account settings, and then re-link it again.

Forums now also show total messages, total ratings, and date registered underneath your username

Islands Fixes & Changes

  • /Sethome and /Setwarp are disabled when vising others islands
  • Added /ignore (will ignore other peoples messages and pm's)
  • Added ice and packed ice to the shop
  • Fixed bug preventing some from being able to place seller minions
  • Can now place wither skeleton spawners

Parkour Fixes & Changes
  • ...

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