31 Jan
January 2019

| TOP VOTERS:mc_264-0:

This month we had a 7 way tie, all with 155/155 votes! The vote leaderboard has now reset​

  • SinnerStar - 15 Cubits
  • Ohna - 15 Cubits
  • AlmightyGrindGod - 15 Cubits
  • KatrinaLightning - 15 Cubits
  • PIE_MAN3 - 15 Cubits
  • JWok - 15 Cubits
  • DopeDox - 15 Cubits
Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving the cubits tonight, if you do not have them by tomorrow morning please contact me on Discord​
There will be 3X VOTE REWARDS until Monday! (Jan 31st - February 4th)



Website Stats have been released! You can now view your own or other players in-game stats, level, rank, cubits & more here:
You can see a "Leaderboards" and "Guilds" tab as well, which will be released in February.​
Only 4 stats for each server are listed right now. we will be adding more based on feedback.​
Note: If you have not logged in since this update, most of your stats won't be displayed.​


Note: There is a region bug that's preventing around 50% of users to not be able to use worldedit on their island. This will be fixed this weekend, and i'll do a discord announcement when it's done and back for sale.
Our new WorldEdit setup is vastly better performance wise, and allows us to use everything FAWE/WE has to offer. We are now also able to...​
14 Jan
Parkour Update

Community Droppers :mc_154-0:

Community Droppers is a new dropper category released that will contain all accepted dropper submissions by the community.
Difficulty ranges from easy to expert depending on the course. You can submit a dropper map here:

Let's see if we can hit 50 community dropper maps by 2020!

If you don't know how to access droppers, type /dropper in-game or click the hopper in the play menu

Safe Trading :mc_54-0:

Donators can initiate a safe trade by typing /trade [name] while within 15 blocks of the player. You do not need a donator rank to accept or decline trades.​

Parkour Changes & Bug Fixes
  • Various glitches with races have been fixed
  • Donator roads updated
  • Can no longer accidentally purchase parkour ranks you've already bought
  • Time Trials portal at /warp more is now open
  • Added Go Back button to all dropper categories
  • Droppers & Champion map completions now tracked in sidebar & in chat

Network Changes
  • Added proper username verification to cubits - It's...
10 Jan
Kilton - Mana Shops - Bug Fixes

Kilton the Mob Merchant :mc_397-5:

Kilton has been released on Skyblock, you can find him at spawn or by typing /kilton
All mobs have a 5% chance at dropping their head. You can collect and sell these heads to kilton for 1 soul each​
Once you've gathered enough souls, you can buy various rewards from Kilton​
The rewards available so far are:​
  • Kilton's Aura
  • [Slayer] Title
  • Holy white scroll
  • Mystic Armor Set
  • Dragon Head
  • 60m of /tempfly
  • Illusioner disguise
  • Parrot Spawner
  • Llama Spawner
  • Polar Bear Spawner
More rewards will be added soon, including a Dark Armor Set, and possibly some limited time exclusives.​
Kilton will also soon be opening up shop on other servers.​
Olympus Mana Chest Shops :mc_54-0:

The poll for adding Chest Shops that use Mana as a currency has passed on Discord.​

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