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    its currently 2:56 am and I have been on the forums for the past 3 hours. haha... my sleep...

    its currently 2:56 am and I have been on the forums for the past 3 hours. haha... my sleep schedule is wack
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    Spawner Tips & Requirements

    I look forward to seeing it!
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    Max's Introduction

    Hey guys! idk if there is any format to these, but I just wanted to introduce myself officially to the forum. ---General info--- My name is Maximilian, but I go by max, I am 16 and from America. My IGN is maxwce, and I mostly play skyblock, but I dabble in some kit pvp and parkour whenever im...
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    Unable to Complete Advanced Challenge - "DJ"

    I haven't completed the challenge myself, but my friend akryder has, if you look around, there are some shops that sell all of the discs, and some missions give 3 random discs as a reward, so slowly you can collect every single one, hope this was helpful!
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    Custom Enchant Guide

    thanks a lot man! I cant believe how many millions I have spent on good books, all to find out that they don't stack or are already max level. this is very helpful to me in the future!
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    yiggle yoggle

    Yes! very informative. I personally went with yiggle, because it rolls off the tongue better, and sounds much more peaceful. (this should be in off topic discussions tho)
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    Spawner Tips & Requirements

    That would be amazing! I know akryder and I went through the trouble of finding ours through a long painstaking process, I believe that a tutorial would be so helpful for everyone that needs the slime rancher achievement! or just anyone that needs to farm slimes
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    A Silhouette, Asking Every Now And Then

    Woah! this is amazing! I wish I could draw as good as you, you really make me jealous! (in a good way)
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    How was the name ManaCube found?

    Nice lie, but the REAL story all began back in 1818 when a young boy named dacon was born. he was an avid fan and an apprentice to the magical wizard Merlin, except there was one fatal problem, he could only see the world in cubes! he coined the term mana cube, because he could only see mana as...
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    Reporting a Pothole in the Hub.

    The pothole is there on purpose, it adds character to the hub, and keeps player coming back, in suspense of knowing if the pothole was filled or not!
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    while I do believe that this is satire, there must have been a good reason for your discord ban, and every bad action has its reacting consequence.
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    Skyblock Competition Idea

    I believe that this is a good idea, but not well thought out. I do believe that it will keep players on, all because they want that high island level, but it will create a clear line between the top 10 players and everyone else. because the top players will skyrocket because they are being paid...
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    Forums Suggestion - Player Reports & Punishment Appeal Application Forms

    I agree with you! the staff applications are made easy on this forum, so why cant the reports be? its as simple as that.
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    New gamemodes..

    I would love to see more arcade esque games in manacube! most of the servers are all long term or long session games, and if I don't hve much time and just want to sit down and play something fast for 15 minutes, arcade games on my favorite server would definitely be the way to go!
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    Spawner Tips & Requirements

    Thanks a lot! I know I had some trouble when first making my grinders, so I used someone else and the wiki as a guide. but this is much more detailed and helpful!