1. Dacon

    August 2018

    Islands revamp is currently in beta testing, and a countdown for release will be out soon. Top Voters _Drakey_ (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits ScooterFlemming (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits Urithebest (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits VolderemuRotMG (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits Xehelias (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits You can...
  2. Dacon

    April 2018

    Vote Reward Update All current voting rewards are unchanged, these are just additional rewards added: Every vote on any server (except creative) will now also give you 0.03 Cubits (Free $0.15 store credit a day from 5 daily votes) That's $4.50+ a month If you vote on Survival, Skyblock or...
  3. Dacon

    February 2018

    February Top Voters 4 way tie for first place! Lxcify: 20 Cubits Niick_: 20 Cubits Zoomd: 20 Cubits RB26Shinigami: 20 Cubits Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for voting. Olympus Update Olympus is making great progress, and I'm expecting to release the beta to the Staff and QA...