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    Finished Creative Build Contest - July 20-22

    TheHammerOfSteel horsebm
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    Finished Creative Build Contest

    TheHammerOfSteel & horsebm
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    Creative - New Creative Ideas!

    barely anyone comes here to roleplay tbh
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    Creative 1.12 Update

    when you pay people mana it still says gems
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    if anyone read this before, i changed my mind <3
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    Finished Easter Build Competition

    TheHammerOfSteel & horsebm
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    R.I.P My Sweet Prince

    sorry to hear about you cat, I hope you get over your loss soon <3.
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    Lack of Attention for Creative

    ^^^ Every brush and //gmask and stuff, also /perks and /gradehelp are in dire need of an update
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    Lack of Attention for Creative

    So vote keys may be possible but there would have to put quite a few resources into it since they would basically need a new plugin made. They would have to either be a new currency or they would have to be like the hypixel vote crates, either way they couldn't be an actual item since items can...
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    Finished Creative Build Competition

    oDucks + arsonists and if we cant on our alts then TheHammerOfSteel + Monkamonk13
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    Some tips to improve your parkour map.

    "(The most important axe)" The axe doesnt have to be used once when doing worldedit, just sayin.
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    Accepted Doggo Parkour

    Hi, accept plez ;) TheHammerOfSteel, Monkamonk13, Kingaroo There's like 43 jumps Easy/ Med /plot h thehammerofsteel 3 this is on creative btw