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    Trouble connecting ...

    You HAVE to be on 1.12.2 and seems as though the main IP isnt working so try through
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    Elf Hunt Guide - Olympus

    There was alread an elf hunt guide but very nice! This will help people out!
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    Belly Button.

    Belly Button.
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    I have one as well.

    I have one as well.
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    how do i tame an animal

    You tame an ocelot with raw fish at spawn!
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    Achievement help

    Yes, you have to craft a diamond sword!
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    Answer the question above you

    I Would change it to Anika. If you coupd go ANYWHERE in the world would would you go?
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    General questions

    Hello! 1. Yes AFK pools are bannable. 2. Yes that is the correct understanding! Also once you do all 13 rebirths you get access to /warp free which is like a survival world in a way. 3. Yes cussing is allowed. As long as it isn't excessive as in calling other players C***, B**** and so on so...
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    ban me over pork yay !

    If you think your ban is false please appeal your ban here
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    I'm alive and back!

    I'm alive and back!
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    [Forum Game] Yes or No?

    No, Have you ever played games you didn't want to or like only for a special person?
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    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    Why hello!