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    [Forum Game] Yes or No?

    No, Have you ever played games you didn't want to or like only for a special person?
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    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    Why hello!
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    Forum Donator Rank

    Linking is not working at the moment.
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    You can appeal here.

    You can appeal here.
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    May 2018

    Congrats on SOTM you three! <3
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    So much P2W it's funny.

    If I'm honest this is the best prison I have played. Most players do work on ranking up themselves.
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    Suggestion - Ascension Chest

    Really love this idea!
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    Rebirth Ideas

    I love this! Really love the ideas!
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    Suggestion for Rebirth Goddess

    I like this idea. Maybe next season they could implement it!
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    Suggestion - Bedrock Walls in VIP Mine

    I get annoyed with the spam as well. I agree!
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    How is everyone enjoying ManaCube?

    I love the server. I've come out of my shell a bit more than I have been on Olympus Prison, I've met really kind and fun people there. And truthfully I wanna apply for staff but It says I need a certain amount of forum postings.. which including this one i have maybe 4. So I have to wait..
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    April 2018

    Congrats to Staff of the month!
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    Forum Donator Rank

    This still a thing? My IGN is ThePigeonGamer and my rank is VIP.
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    How did you find ManaCube?

    I found the server by watching a video by KiingTong and Graser10!