1. Dacon

    October 2018

    | TOP VOTERS :mc_264-0: Ctr56 (152 Votes) - $20 Giftcard + [TopVoter] Title JWok (149 Votes) - $20 Giftcard Mopup (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard llJJll (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard prettymuxh (147 Votes) - $20 Giftcard Congratulations! There will be 2X VOTE REWARDS from now until November 5th |...
  2. Dacon

    September 2018

    Top Voters Lutzke (155 Votes) - $20 Giftcard Urithebest (154 Votes) - $20 Giftcard IcedAedqn (154 Votes) - $20 Giftcard PIE_MAN3 (154 Votes) - $20 Giftcard blackstar1330 (154 Votes) - $20 Giftcard You can view October's vote leaderboard at There will be 2X VOTE...
  3. Dacon

    August 2018

    Islands revamp is currently in beta testing, and a countdown for release will be out soon. Top Voters _Drakey_ (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits ScooterFlemming (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits Urithebest (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits VolderemuRotMG (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits Xehelias (155 Votes) - 20 Cubits You can...
  4. Dacon

    July 2018

    Top Voters pastel_Anxiety (144 Votes) - 20 Cubits Choochy_12 (143 Votes) - 20 Cubits ripannax (137 Votes) - 20 Cubits jjtan856 (135 Votes) - 20 Cubits _Drakey_ (134 Votes) - 15 Cubits mokomame (134 Votes) - 15 Cubits You can view August's vote leaderboard at Staff...
  5. A

    Problems With Party System

    Hello, I didn't know which staff to contact about this problem so instead I posted it here. I was building something that took a lot of work and time. The land I was building on was claimed and had a warp on it. I go offline and come back to find that the claim has been removed along with the...
  6. HonigBiene

    Pls guys...

    So for everyone who think he can apply as a staff, BEFORE you write an application, pls just read what the requirements are... If I look at some applications, I always think why are they so rude, as if they were intentional.. Before you send your application, go and check the requirements...
  7. HonigBiene

    New gamemodes..

    Heyho, my name is HonigBiene and I was thinking about to tell you some new gamemodes which would be even take some new ppl from the minecraft server lists into Manacube. Here are some gamemodes which are definitly my favourites: Annihilation Bedwars Battle Royale/Survival Games Draw it Master...
  8. Dacon

    March 2018

    Top Voters Congratulations to SinnerStar, Jxson and netsu666 on being the top voters for March. You all have received 25 Cubits and the [TopVoter] title! Staff Promotions Ambibug promoted to KitPvP Mod fastball602 promoted to Skyblock Mod Speediare promoted to Survival Mod Lxcify...
  9. P

    Is it Possible to become a Discord mod without having mod rank in MineVast/ManaCube

    I would love to apply but I do not have enough time sadly, this is just a question. I hope people reply, -Light
  10. Dacon

    Changes to Staff Team

    Hey everyone, we've made some changes to staff ranks and the staff team; Discontinuing SrMod rank, Introducing Mod+ We are replacing the SrMod rank with Mod+. Mod+ will have more permissions such as /broadcast, changing nicks, editing inventories/enderchests, etc. It won't be a global rank...
  11. Mega

    Can i get BT tag here?

    I don't know where to post this. But i think this is the best place. Well, this is mentioned to @Dacon or someone else who can give me BT rank in forums. I saw drakey had it but i didn't get it while link my account!
  12. Dacon

    QA Team + Promos/Demotions

    QA (Quality Assurance) is a community based team that will review updates before anyone else, help us test new features, and propose new ideas and suggestions for the server. Their feedback/criticism is taken seriously. Access to special dev servers on the network will be allowed to see new...
  13. Leapinglizard101

    Factions bases in survival?!

    This post was not made by myself, sorry if it offended anyone. It will not happen again.
  14. caseyofficial

    Prepare for War Manacube Staff Team.

    Well I've gotten some money and a vpn and i'm ready to take on manacube again. I hope you can figure out my deployed alts that have been on the server for quite some time now. Casey is coming back :>. I'll see you soon - caseyofficial *cough* Staff that figure out my alts should be promoted...
  15. Johniee

    [Staff Requirement Help Guide] What is required from you?

    STAFF REQUIREMENT HELP GUIDE (What is required from you?) Issued: 30th June 2017 -- ORIGINAL REQUIREMENT THREADS -- New Application Info & Requirements [NEED TO KNOW] - Dynsalir Staff Application Information >> Tips & Requirements - Dacon...
  16. Steph

    Guess The Staff

    the concept of the game is simple. the first person replying to this thread will think of a staff member, they won't give out the name of the staff member but they will use a clue or something to give a hint of what the staff member is. other people will need to guess who the staff member is...
  17. skrrts // colin

    Bring Back Factions!!!

    I think a majority of the manacube players could agree that factions was easily one of the best, fun, and most enjoyable gamemodes. Some of its very enjoyable features: Raiding! Raiding requires a team and combined effort between all of a factions members. In the new "Survival" gamemode which is...
  18. Lewie

    [GUIDE] Ranks

    Hello! This is a guide to tell you about the ranks if you are new on the server or Forums :) VIP, VIP+, MVP. These ranks are called donator ranks. These give you special abilities in-game such as using /nick. Always obtainable. Please click here to visit the store. HELPER. This is the first...
  19. F

    Dear Staff,

    A few days ago I was griefed and I notified staff a few minuets afterwards. The grief was removing 30 items from my item frames. NStarMC helped me out right away. He said he would try to get the items back for me and I told him it was not a big deal and I didn't want them back since I have...
  20. Pqcket

    ManaCube Application Process

    PLEASE READ FULL THREAD Hello ManaCube Users. I bet you're wondering by the title of this forum post what I mean by 'Process', and I'm here to explain the basics towards a good application. Whatever I'm stating is based of my own experiences and not factual but may be beneficial towards your...