1. Dacon

    Christmas Update

    | Christmas Spawns & Elf Hunt :mc_332-0: The whole network has received a Christmas make-over by the Build Team! Hub Olympus Spawn Olympus Plot Spawn Creative Spawn KitPvP Spawn Survival Spawn Parkour Spawn Parkour Map Maker Spawn Parkour Lounge Skyblock Spawn Islands Spawn Go check em out...
  2. Dacon


    Black Friday is our biggest sale of the year! Everything on the store is 80% OFF until November 25th. Don't miss out: https://store.manacube.com 2 new bundles are available @ https://manacube.com/bundles - Black Friday Bundle - Thanksgiving Bundle Support Tickets Our website now has a new...
  3. Dacon


    QUEST REVAMP The current quest setup we use has been very buggy and often reset players quest data. I've replaced this with our own custom setup There are now 2 random daily quests you can complete, and 1 weekly quest. These all give Vote Keys, Quest Points & a random reward. You can spend...
  4. Dacon

    ManaCube Level & Network Guilds

    ManaCube Level ManaCube Levels have been quietly released on multiple servers over the past 2 weeks. You earn XP for doing various things on the network (listed below) You can view your level by typing /level You can view the leaderboard with /level top What gives network level XP...
  5. Strqfe_Gqd

    New Mana Spending Idea(s)

    I have had a new idea about what to do with mana: MANY people have fully upgraded their pickaxes and thus have no more need for mana, I have thought of a few ways to solve this: 1) Try and include a reward system for the Mana Leaderboards: This would mean that every month or so, the mana...
  6. sweetener


    Now, I know Dacon has a lot on his plate with all of this olympus stuff, but we've been asking for you to update creative for so long it's almost incredible! Even more since other servers regularly get updates and new stuff. Please this is all we ask, update creative to 1.12 ok that's all bye
  7. Dacon

    Parkour Prestiges

    You can now prestige your rank on Parkour. This will set you back to Noob, and add a prestige icon next to your rank This is what the prestige looks like: ]requires no score or mana, but you must be the Champion rank. You can prestige in the rank shop. Or type /prestige for shortcut command...
  8. Dacon


    MANACADE - 16+ GUI based arcade games [BETA] ManaCade is a bunch of inventory/GUI based minigames that you will be able to play and compete in global highscores from anywhere on the server. For now, it will only be available in the Hubs during the beta. Type /arcade or /manacade to access...
  9. M

    Feather Board Bug

    there is a bug in the skyblock sidebar: "Feather Board" and I believe that we should fix this "scoreboard", this is due to a couple reasons. First of all it is large, it takes up about a quarter of my screen and it makes it difficult to see things since it is not completely see through. Secondly...
  10. Y

    ManaCube Update Your Vip Rank Purchase Desription

    When i was browsing to purchase a rank i wanted an i came a cross the first rank, whilst i was reading the description it said "Create a custom Nickname with /nickname (With color codes!)" and all its other perks but when i received the rank i couldn't use color because the rank did not allow...
  11. Monsoon Crescent

    Who cant wait for the new MineVast update this weekend?

    I litterly am suffring from waiting i just cant wait
  12. techkid6

    1.9 Thoughts - Redux

    Hello Again! I posted a little bit ago about my thoughts on the 1.9 update, and now that it has been released, I'd love to elaborate on them, so here we go. Elytra have a durability of 431, so you could make a ten-second Elytra by giving it the durability of 421, etc. I assume we could time...
  13. Dacon

    Parkour Expansion: THE DROP

    We have finally released The Drop, a long awaited feature for the Parkour servers. There are 2 modes of The Drop; Solo and Competitive. Solo: In Solo mode you can choose any Dropper map you want, just like the current parkour courses. There is a checkpoint at the beginning of each map, and...