A Note About Seller Minions


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Nov 10, 2018
EDIT: Seller Minions will now sell steak and mutton, but still no pork.
EDIT: I haven't tested any of the other meats.

Just a quick tid-bit of general information regarding Seller Minions for anyone considering using one.

The best thing about the Seller Minion is that it will sell stuff within any chest one block from itself, or in any chests in its 3x3x3 volume of influence.
Along with the linked food chest that doesn't even need to be near the minion, those are the only two good things about the Seller Minion that I can think of.

Seller Minion Advert.PNG

Now for the not so good stuff.

The minion is advertised as being able to "sell nearby chests."
What the minion will not sell however, is edible meat products. That's right, those ideas of having a Seller Minion sell all your pig grinder's meat will not work because the minion does not sell pork or steak or lamb as far as I've seen.

Next up is the fact that the Seller Minion does not move. If you want to sell a wall of chests, you have to funnel everything into chests that are within the minion's 3x3x3 volume of influence.

And finally, you are limited to a maximum of one (1) Seller Minion per person (placed minions, you can have more in your inventory). Since the minion's volume of influence is relatively small and it can't move, this could be a significant problem for certain layouts.

If you do try using a Seller Minion; have fun. =)
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