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May 22, 2017
Happy holidays, everyone! Christmas Update has been live for just over a week now, and we're just over halfway through December, can you believe it?

As you may know, with the Christmas update, every server's /spawn area was decorated with a nice winter theme. You might have even noticed a few elves hanging around these areas too! These are, in fact, Sant'a elves and he needs your help locating each one of them. Once you do, you get a nifty new [Elf] title, as well as a nice portion of ManaLevel exp!

This thread is for those who need a little extra help finding all those elves for the Creative server. I will start out with a small hint about each elf, but if you need more than just a hint, click the spoiler tab for more help!

Guides for other servers: Skyblock / Islands / Parkour / Olympus / Survival / KitPvP

Other notes:
  • Right-click on Santa at spawn or type the command /santa in-game for more info on the Christmas update and to check your elf count
  • Once you find an elf, right-click them to register them as found
  • Type the command /elf in-game to see what elves you have found/not found

Pixie: Check you immediate surroundings after arriving in /spawn.
Pixie is slightly to the right after you arrive in /spawn.
Coordinates: 32 74 -8

Ginger: Check the throne room.
After arriving in /spawn. Turn around and go forward until you reach a throne. Ginger is sitting on the throne.
Coordinates: 36 75 -111

Pepper: Check all the corners on the floor of the spawn area.
Pepper is in the corner that is right of the throne hall and left of world edit portal.
Coordinates: 70 68 -28

Jingle: Fly up about 10 blocks from /spawn and check each corner of the spawn area.
Jingle is on a platform to the right of the Main Hub sign, around 10 blocks above /spawn.
Coordinates: 10 81 -38

Frost: Fly up about 30 blocks from /spawn and check each corner of the spawn area.
There is a platform immediately left to the Main Hub sign. Hiding in the corner at the top of this platform is Frost.
Coordinates: 3 107 6

Tinsel: Check on the garland that is very high up inside the spawn area.
Tinsel is on the tallest garland near the top-right of the World Edit sign.
Coordinates: 55 120 6

Noel: Fly up about 70 blocks from /spawn and check all around the area.
After arriving at /spawn, fly up about 70 blocks then turn around. (You might hit a garland on the way up, just move around it.) Inside the small ledge is Noel.
Coordinates: 36 141 -46

Cedar: Exit the spawn area and check around.
Go forward from /spawn until you are outside. Look to the right to see Cedar in the snow.
Coordinates: 29 65 62

Joy: Check the red domes on the roof of the spawn area.
Go forward from /spawn and stop at the end of the carpet after you have exited the building. Turn around, fly up about 90 blocks. On the red dome to the left is Joy.
Coordinates: -14 152 39

Holly: Check the biggest red dome on the roof of spawn.
Holly is on the yellow star that very of the spawn building.
Coordinates: 36 194 -12

Carol: Check the walls outside of the spawn building.
Go forward from /spawn until you are outside. Turn left and follow the perimeter of the building until you get to a snowy, rocky hill. Fly up slightly and you will see Carol on the left, sitting on a ledge against the building.
Coordinates: 112 95 -12

Link: Check the area outside at the very back of the spawn building.
Go outside from /spawn and go to the very back of the building. You will see a green semi-circular area here. When facing the big red dome of the spawn building, you will see Link on a ledge on the right side, below this semi-circle area.
Coordinates: 7 112 -113
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