Rejected Minecarts and Rails - Map Submission

Discussion in 'Archived' started by TermlessStorm84, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. TermlessStorm84

    Oct 1, 2017
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    Username - TermlessStorm84
    Warp Name - /Plot home TermlessStorm84
    Difficulty - Medium
    83 Jumps
    P.S. Hopefully since this is my third map submission (the others got rejected), it will be "third times the charm"
    This would mean a lot to me if my map got submitted. Thanks for looking at my submission.

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  2. Shinxray

    VIP Mapper

    Sep 6, 2017
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    Review :
    The theme :
    Not really original theme, mostly because there is a LOT of minecraft "Giant block" parkour on the server, but also because there is already an "Minecart and rails" map (Rails). If you want to see if one theme is already use, check this thread ! :

    The build :
    Simple build, I don't really like the fact who most of the map is a "copy" of some minecraft block (It's a bit like the problem with pixel art) but the theme block a bit this idea of "originality" on the build.

    The jumps :

    I really like the minecart part because it's really creative and original, but there is a main problem, people can block the access of a minecart if they are on it. So clearly, don't use minecart at the start of a parkour and on a medium one.
    Also, the variation of jumps is clearly uneven through the map, basically, the parkour "works" like this :
    "5% are minecart jumps at the start, 80% are "normal" jumps and the end is only ladders jumps (15%)"
    The lenght of your map is really too long : 83 jumps is for an Hard/Expert parkour, not a medium one, so try to offset a bit the difficulty with the lenght of your map.

    Miscellaneous :
    I don't really like the "maze" idea on your parkour, so try to remove it a maximum so the parkour is not too confusing.
    Exploit here :
    Don't forget that you can use invisible block ! (/barrier)

    My opinion :
    Not gonna be accepted, the theme is clearly the biggest negative point of your map, but your jumps are not really good too. But you have some nice idea of jumps so don't give up !

    Don't forget that i'm not a map judger (Shron and Txilsy are judger) so their opinions can be differents !
  3. Txilsy

    VIP Donator QA Team

    Jan 21, 2017
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    Thanks for submitting your map! I've come to inform you that this map will be rejected.

    The theme is honestly not too original, I am sure you could come up with some other ideas. The jumps are fine, but lack variety and do not suit the difficulty in regards of length which currently indicates a hard map. Try to find balance in the amount of jumps you're using and its difficulty. Variety is important to keep the course fun, challenging and original. Avoid any type of mazes as well. We prefer to have maps that are more straight forward, so players can focus more on the jumps itself rather than where to go. Take a look at, mainly the newer, parkour maps for some inspiration and reference.

    Thanks again for submitting, we'd love to see another map sometime soon, so don't hesitate on making and submitting another one. :)
    Also, if you have any questions or concerns, just PM me here on the forums or on Discord.

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    List of current maps/themes:
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