(Must Read) An introduction to PvP: From the god himself, Jacon.


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Feb 23, 2019
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So you want to become better at minecraft combat I see, follow and pay attention to this thread and you might become better!

Jacon, what the heck is PvP and what are you going to teach me?!
Basically, the concept of Minecraft PvP is to limit the amount of damage you take and maximize the amount of damage you send, kill before you get killed. There are many ways to do these things, and in this thread, i will be going over some of the most important things, but it is best to remember that some prefer to do one or the other. A lot of new players, those who are not as experienced, will be more on the vulnerable side so these tips are helpful to them, think of this as an introduction so if you are experienced and trying to learn, this is probably not your thread although you can learn something. PvP here on manacube often starts with people using kits (kits are self-explanatory, the quality of the armor/weapons and enchantments vary and go up as your manacube rank is higher) at the beginning of the matches or when you spawn. On the other hand, In hardcore matches, more skilled and advanced players prefer to forgo the acquisition of armor and optimize damage production. That is called Hardcore PvP.

Ok now give me actual tips you fool!

Firstly, a vital aspect of PvP is movement, if you don’t move around, you're going to die. You must move in ways that make it hard for your opponent to reach you while inflicting maximum damage. Let's talk about strafing, Strafing involves the circular movement around the opponent whilst hitting with full speed and power, keeping more out of sight and range as feasible. Strafing Combined with jitter click or a really fast CPS, one might dispatch an enemy quickly and easily while taking little to no damage. One simple way to begin the circular movement is to walk first through the body of the other payer if you can because you are immaterial to one another, and it will set you up at the back of your opponent. Then move to one side while holding your enemy's crosshairs on, you can do enough damage to eliminate them before they can land too many hits on you.

Secondly, Another way to maximize your damage with a sword, though slightly more complex, is by increasing your CPS or Clicks Per Second. Make sure your hand is in a comfortable spot on your mouse and one strategy is jitter clicking which is commonly used by higher-skill players. This involves pressing one's hand against the mouse's hands, and either flexing the middle or index finger to the point that it shakes and adding the force to the mouse click. There is also butterfly clicking where you click using your index and middle finger one at a time but that is less accurate and less used. There are various websites to test and train your clicking, my favorite one is this one

Thirdly, The bow is a great way of doing harm, its also the easiest way to mitigate the loss of health while dealing damage. Be sure to correctly judge the distance while aiming from distance, and target accurately. When you miss, don't shoot from the same angle, as I see that all too much unexpectedly. To ensure your accuracy change your shot up or down. It's important that you move after shooting to prevent a return fire from occurring. Staying in one position helps the enemy to land all shots quickly and easily, and kill you. A moving target is more difficult to strike exponentially which helps you to take less damage. The trick to winning a bow fight is getting shots off quicker than your enemy does, even if that means you don't pull back all the way. Your mobility is limited when you pull the bow back and this makes you an easy target. Start your pull back immediately after your enemy has fired their weapon so that you can loose your arrow before your enemy gets ready for another. Bow-spam is a reasonable strategy. Bow spam is when you just slightly pull your bow back to get plenty of shots off in a short time. It is mostly to be used in tight, crowded spaces if you're on low health, or if you're on the higher ground and trying to prevent them from coming. You're going to be strafed if you do this in a match against an experienced player, your arrows dodged and then you'll lose like a fool. The positive side of bow spam is that each arrow also manages maximum knockback, preventing the opponent from going forward and doing damage in small confined spaces, decreasing their strength and enabling them to function rapidly when they reach you. But do not think of bow spam as a method to kill them, it's best to deter, so you must be ready to strike after spamming the bow.

Lastly, Practice, see what sensitivty and clicking technique is the most comfortable and suitable for you. You will learn 25% of what there is to PVP in this thread, and YOU will learn the other 75%. Do not get cocky and expect to win on the first day of trying, honestly it will take you months to become great. remember what you learn. Jump while swinging to get critical hits, jump while sprinting to go faster. remember to eat golden apples and heal up! 1v1 a friend that is good at pvp and have them point out what you were doing wrong, watch YouTube videos.


- Jacon
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