My current build ^u^ ~ Careening

Aug 16, 2014
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SPOLIER ALERT: If that paragraphical mess is a tl;dr for you, go to that last, smaller paragraph for it to be summed up :D

Woooooow it's been quite a while since I've actually posted a post ("posted a post" lol go english). I'm just making this for some comments on my current building project I'm working on right now. This is a build that I am making single-handedly to achieve a higher grade for myself, since I feel like a C-grade isn't quite representing what I can do (not to say I'm cocky, but you know what I mean :D ). I am happy to let anyone see the build for themselves, but 3 out of 5 times that someone sees it, they try to give me suggestions on what to build, add on, remove, replace, etc. So, just to be able to put the thoughts and suggestions into one single, neat place, I am making this post for that reason. I may or may not implement any of your ideas, as I feel like taking suggestions is a bit unfair since the build is mine and I automatically feel like I'm stealing other's ideas (idk, that's just the way I am, don't judge).
Secrety secret messageSo some details about the plot is that it will be built as an interactive plot. That may not be the right term (feel free to correct me), but this basically means the plot will be accessible and have realistic rooms, stairways, etc., so if someone were to go into Survival Mode, they could easily get around the plot and explore it without flying. Also, since this build is so gigantic, you may want to check it out for yourself before leaving any suggestions, as pictures won't cover everything :p . Use the warp "/warp wumbo" (Yes, I actually used wumbo, #Wumbo #NoShame) to get there, or "/plot visit Careening". PS: The plot is co-owned by 2 other friends, with some other helpers added. NONE OF THEM HAVE PLACED A SINGLE BLOCK ON MY BUILD, AND I HAVE CHECKED

If that all was a tl;dr for you, I'll sum it up: I am making a big build on Creative for a better grade, here are some links of pics for the build. If you want to see it for yourself, use /warp wumbo or /plot visit Careening. I am taking suggestions that I may or may not use, so feel free to leave suggestions and comments about the plot below, and please be honest :D . (let me know if that link works, dragging images on here isn't working :p )