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Discussion in 'Staff Reports' started by Dynsalir, Oct 10, 2016.

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    We've created a new simplified way for you, our players, to report staff members.

    This subforum will only be seen by Admins. We will try our best to keep your report anonymous so that you can feel safe when reporting a member of our staff team.

    We treat all staff reports seriously and will do our best to investigate every report submitted and take all necessary steps to resolve the issue.

    How To Report:

    Just click the 'Post A Report' button and fill out the report form.

    Once you press submit, your staff report will be posted, in format, to a new thread.

    Please also note that your thread will remain 'Awating Moderation' so it will only be visible to SrMods+ until it is reviewed.

    If your report isn't responded to within 3 days, that means we are still trying to looking into the issue, please be patient.
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