Skyblock 6.0 Follow-up + 5.0 Champions

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    Season 6 of Skyblock is releasing today @ 3:00PM EST

    If you haven't already seen the announcement, and the new features/updates coming in 6.0, go read it at:

    This post will show things that were not announced in the initial thread, and some more details on specific updates



    Show off what you got! When you type /showcase a 9 slot chest will open where you can add whatever you'd like. Other players can see what you put in here by typing /showcase [name] or by clicking your name in chat

    Example of what a showcase looks like

    Private Chests & Block locking

    When you place a sign on a chest or other item, it is no longer automatically turned into a private sign. You now must type [Private] on the first line of the sign to lock it.

    You can continue to add other usernames on that sign, or on signs that are near the chest/other to whitelist people to it.
    Very easy to understand guide is given in-game when you place a lockable block or try to open a locked block

    Locks now also support UUIDs (Name changing) If you change your username, your sign will update to your new name!

    Warzone Issues

    We've had some issues with people bypassing warzone restrictions by using /speed, disguises or vanish. In 6.0 we created new plugins to make sure this can't happen. If something is not fixed, we can fix the issue right away with our new systems

    Big Buckets

    The new Big Bucket MVP+ perk was disabled shortly after release due to being able to use them in region protected areas. We decided to create a new plugin, now giving MVP+ players infinite water/lava in ANY bucket they use.

    World Edit

    World Edit is a new perk that can be bought from the black market. If you don't know what world edit is, basically you can run a command to place as many blocks as you want in a specific region or pattern



    Isn't this economy breaking?
    no, anything you set with worldedit, you need to have in your inventory.
    If you want to worldedit a 500 block diamond wall, you will need 500 diamond blocks in your inventory

    Click here to get World Edit

    Bug Fixes/Updates

    Island related bugs/updates
    • Player heads on an island could be turned into skulls by visitors placing an anvil on them
    • Heads could be taken out of the warp GUI by changing your island language
    • Players could use anti-knockback cheats to get into locked islands
    • Eating cake as a visitor would remove health
    • Heads in top ten would disappear if the player had not logged in for a very long time
    • Players could get a free island reset by inviting themselves with a partial name
    • Visitors hitting dirt causes island protection msg to show twice
    • Entity limits were not counting/limiting vehicles (like minecarts, hopper minecarts etc.)
    • Nether island spawn location was random for most people, is now set to proper location
    • Players would not take damage from Ghasts with certain island flags set
    • Invites will now automatically expire after 60 seconds
    • Leveling up McMMO no longer disappears sidebar temporarily

    • Increased distance between islands from 650 to 700

    • New cobblestone ore generation spawn rates
      Level 1 Island
      Cobblestone: 85%
      Stone: 6.5%
      Coal ore: 5%
      Iron ore: 2.5%
      Diamond ore: 0.3%
      Emerald ore: 0.2%
      Gold ore: 0.5%

      Level 2000 Island
      Cobblestone: 80%
      Stone: 9%
      Coal ore: 6%
      Iron ore: 3%
      Diamond ore: 0.6%
      Emerald ore: 0.4%
      Gold ore: 1%

      Level 50,000 Island
      Cobblestone: 80%
      Stone: 7%
      Coal ore: 6%
      Iron ore: 4%
      Diamond ore: 1%
      Emerald ore: 0.5%
      Gold ore: 1.5%

    The Casino

    The casino has returned, and new max bets & tax rates with it

    - 4% tax rate on coinflips and rock paper scissor games
    - 7% tax rate on jackpots

    Low Jackpot:
    Max bet: $5000

    Medium Jackpot:
    Max bet: $50,000

    High roller Jackpot:
    Max bet: $1,000,000

    Type /casino to access

    Season 5 Champions

    The season leaderboards have officially ended at the time this is posted, as well as the final week mob kill leaderboard

    ChaoticPhoenix7 - 2 Champion Crates (Highest island & McMMO level)
    _Opinions_ - 1 Champion Crate (Richest player)
    SinnerStar - 1 Champion Crate (Most hours played)
    conner0714 - 1 Champion Crate (Most player kills)
    xPathetic - 1 Champion Crate (Most mob kills)
    SaltyShron - 1 Champion Crate (Most mana)
    oZesty - 1 Champion Crate (Most mob kills in final week)

    You will be given your Champion Crates in Season 6

    ChaoticPhoenix7 - 1,234,567 island level
    - ChaoticPhoenix7
    - TheMLGMushroom
    - SaltyShron
    - KingDurzo

    Ellieza - 505,866 island level
    - Ellieza

    _Opinions_ - 367,751 island level
    - _Opinions_
    - BrokenSoul_
    - SwankyDucky27
    - _Facts_
    - YourMushey
    - Sandy_Ninja
    - FoxyMarkus
    - MissSpookly
    - Gustavo177
    - Its_Spark
    - iDianthus

    _Opinions_ - $426 million
    mattswaggerben - $163 million
    BigCountryClev - $113 million
    AfkAk - $90 million
    oZesty - $69 million

    SinnerStar - 2252 hours
    Pheonixia - 1788 hours
    conner0714 - 1677 hours
    Kingzrturtles - 1635 hours
    ChaoticPhoenix7 - 1567 hours

    conner0714 - 4050 kills
    terribl - 3933 kills
    ___Adopted___ - 1864 kills
    SaneHen - 1537 kills
    Caladrion - 1476 kills

    xPathetic - 930,740 mob kills
    YourMushey - 705,753 mob kills
    MonroeTrout222 - 561,106 mob kills
    Kingzrturtles - 519,727 mob kills
    conner0714 - 490,768 mob kills


    ChaoticPhoenix7 - 22,576 Power level
    WalkProud - 22,545 Power level
    conner0714 - 18,884 Power level
    cryingmarch - 15,195 Power level
    AkSpeed - 15,044 Power level

    SaltyShron - 16,000 Mana
    ChaoticPhoenix7 - 6281 Mana
    oZesty - 5633 Mana
    Seaniie - 4776 Mana
    _Design - 4272 Mana

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    Hot Hot Hot
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    Congratz to all the 5.0 champions! Well-deserved! c:

    Ooo, all those updates look nice too! Glad the bugs are fixed, too. HYPEEE for 6.0!!!
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    :D yay! Congrats to everyone!!
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    Congrats to all the champions!!! #RESETHYPE
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