Some tips to improve your parkour map.


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Sep 6, 2017
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There is a lot of submission of parkour but a lot of (3/4~) are reject, so I'm here (because I'm bored lol) to give you some tips to improve your map! (Totally not the title)

The bases

There is 2 important things in your parkour : The build and the parkour itself
And the theme ?
Wait, it's coming !
So they are the 2 most important things but they are cut in some little (but important !) things.
Maybe you don't know but the parkour is more important than the build : your map can be accepted if your build don't looks really good but have some really good and attractive parkour on it but not the opposite.

The build

There is 3 important things to respect in your build :
The theme, the build itself and the incorporation of your jump in your build.

The theme is really important to do a good and original parkour.
A good theme is an unused theme on the server and an original one.
What you mean about "Original" ?
When I said "original", I want to said a theme who almost nobody can think.
Example : There is any "Trollface" map but it's not an original one because a lot of people (Maybe ?)can think to build a Trollface map.
Conversely, "Hamilton" have an original theme because a few people can think to build a parkour with this theme.
But if your are a beginner, just try to choose an unused theme.
How I can found an unused theme?
There is 2 step to found a good theme :
First, try to found a theme from your mind like something you like, you can choose for example a game, an architecture, a theme from a picture...
And second, check if you theme is already used in a parkour on the server. I have already do a parkour list if you want to check it ! The most unoriginal theme for me are : Mario theme, Pokemon theme, Minecraft theme, Biome theme, Rainbow theme and Tower theme.
You can choose a pretty unoriginal theme if the rest of your parkour is good, but be careful !
Really important too.
You can't submit a parkour if this one is pretty empty.
The best way to have a good parkour is to build a giant and important build on it. Try to avoid little and scattered builds on your parkour because can look messy (I know what i'm talking, I get some reproach about it in my first parkour).
Try to add some detail on your build but not too many to avoid a plain // messy build
And last thing, the theme of your parkour need to be evident on your build, it's can sound dumb but there is some parkour who have this problem !
A bit less important than the 2 other but important too !
It's not really hard to have a good incorporation of your parkour on your build, just try to build your parkour in or on your build, not floating around the build because can looks m e s s y (Hi Txilsy).

The parkour

Compared to the build, there is 5 important things to respect in your parkour :
The variation of block, the repetitiveness, the clearness, the balance between difficulty and length and finally, the invisible block usage.
Don't forget that the parkour is more important than the build !

Really important in your parkour ; when you build your parkour, you need to have a maximum of type of block on your parkour, not only ladder and normal jumps.
What type of block we can use ?
There is a lot of block you can use in your parkour, and way more you can think !
If you want to see every block you can use in your parkour, I've already build a map with every possible block on your parkour ! (I'm really bored xD)(/plot visit Shinxray 3)
Pretty important, when you build your parkour, don't do the same jump over and over.
The repetitiveness is a bit linked with the variation of block. But when you build a part with only the same type of jumps (Like normal jumps), don't do the same jump !
Important (Like the other).
When you have finish the parkour, you need to check if your parkour is "clear".
Yeah, when we try your map, we need to know where we need to go.
To patch an uncleared part, add some sign to guide the player.
The best way to found an uncleared part is to test your map or ask someone to test it. And in addition to that, you can found some impossible part or exploit !
It's an important thing on the server, when you build your parkour, you need to have an some amount of jumps compared to the difficulty of jumps.
If you want to see how many jump you need depending on the difficulty, check this thread ! :
To get a invisible block : /barrier
You need to use invisible block after you build your parkour.
If you have an exploit in your parkour and you can't patch it with an other block, invisible block is here to help you ! Just be careful, don't put invisible block next to a player, put a sign on it if the exploit is obvious to warn the player ; and last thing, don't overused them !

Last tips
-Don't forget WorldEdit, it's a really usefull tool and it's with him you can put some impossible block (Floating trapdoor, carpet...). Also, with WorldEdit, you can do some thing really fast !
Some command I use with WorldEdit : //wand (The most important axe), //set [ID block] (To put some impossible block), //replace (If you want to remove or change a big part of your parkour), //move (Really usefull).
-Avoid pixel art in your parkour and redstone (If it's only a redstone block type, no problem !)
-The checkpoint placement is important, don't put really close checkpoints but not too far too !
-If they are some floating block on your parkour, do forget to decorate them !
-I think it's important to pass 2 hours minimum in your parkour when you build it.
-I've already said it in the "Clearness" section but, test your map ! It's really important !

Can put more last tips

Final example
Build : Really good theme, the build looks really nice but the incorporation of the parkour can be better.
Parkour : Need to be improved, there is not a lot of variation of block (Only normal and ladder jump), the parkour is a bit repetitive in some part, the parkour is pretty clear, the balance is good and the invisible block usage is good
Conclusion : Good map, but the parkour can be better

Build : Overused theme, there is any important build (Not counting the sun) and there is just floating block.
Parkour : Really bad, there is only one type of block (Normal jumps) (Not counting the only ladder), the parkour is REALLY repetitive, it's not really clear, there is WAY to many jumps compared to the "Hard difficulty" (293 jumps ~), but there is any invisible block.
Conclusion : One of the worst map on the server

Thanks to read this entirely ! I'm sorry if I did a lot of grammatical mistakes, I'm not english and it's pretty hard to put every idea and translate it D:

If you have some question, I'm totally open to you !
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This is an amazing guide in my opinion. Some people (including me) don't really know what a course needs to be actually accepted. If I want to build a course and submit it soon, I'll definetly use this guide!


Jan 11, 2016
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This guide is great and really useful for those who need some tips (like me)
Thanks a lot for taking your time to do this guide. I will use it!


Sep 14, 2016
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Shinxray replies to every map submission with extremely constructive critisicm. Before submitting, you should read this guide.

Very useful thread :)
Nov 22, 2017
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theres is no point since i cnat even get gud teme
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