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Hello, this is my first map submission in around two years, so I hope you like it!

My IGN is Nixiiii, and the map is called The Sticky Spiderweb. The map has 113 jumps, 4 checkpoints and it's ranked Insane. In the map you need to parkour your way around the spiderweb, without getting stuck in the web itself! If you do, the scary, almighty and hungry Spoodey the Spider will come and eat you alive. :rolleyes:

The warp to the map is /plot visit Nixiiii

Hopefully you like the map!


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Oh I love the idea of this map!! The build is attractive and the spider is adorable. The parkour might have a tad too many panes (might just be because I hate panes), but overall I would give this a +1 !! Yet another amazing build form you c;
the build is cute, however, the jumps seem a little bit repetitive and for an insane the jumps didn't seem that insane worthy idk lol


Map Judge
QA Team
Hi there Nixi!

I'm sorry to inform you your map submission has been rejected. The cobweb itself doesnt look that appealing. I think that the parkour itself is a bit annoying to go through, because of all the cobwebs. I also think that there are too many barriers, and the map is sometimes confusing. Some jumps (with the heads) are even impossible in 1.8.9. The parkour is varied though, and the theme is VERY original.
Thanks for submitting a map, we hope to see more in the future!

Have a nice day,
Lucas // Lxcify
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